Finding the perfect present for your loved one at Christmas can be brain frazzling and exhausting. Maybe they are trying to watch their weight so chocolate or wine is off the cards and you feel like the ‘shower bundle’ is overdone, or maybe you just can’t buy them a mug for the third year in a row… A Christmas gift should be a gift, especially from you. Something from you-to-them, that will make the recipient smile and think of you each time they see it. Something independently created for them to treasure.

The idea of now finding something they will like that is independent is also, just as exhausting until you consider the many local creators, creating handmade gifts and jewellery local to you! Independent hand made treasures make such perfect little gifts for Christmas, with each piece from the Karen Squire Jewellery collection being made with a pair of gentle hands, adding shapes and markings, so not one piece is the same as another. All Karen Squire handmade jewellery pieces are created in Plymouth and are unique to their set. Each of the pieces have a quirky creative flair and cannot be compared to your shop bought, bulk made earrings.

Karen Squire earrings hang with a delicate elegance, and are handmade from heated sterling silver during a process called reticulation. This process melts the silver and creates patterns on the surface that cannot be recreated.

At Karen Squire Jewellery you can never know what the next beautiful creation will be, with each project taking inspiration from day to day life and experience. Browse earrings here or why not take a look at some uniquely made pendants. You can buy these beautiful unique earrings and other jewellery, made in Plymouth directly from the website or if you’re local find out when Karen Squire jewellery is next attending a local artisan market, by emailing today.