My name is Karen Squire I am an Artisan Jeweller based in Plymouth.

Designs tend to be inspired by the world around me, I look around and can see patterns in everyday things from buildings to material and even art! Then the fun begins, I start by working out how I can take that pattern and translate it into a workable, wearable piece of art.

Designs will often change over the making process due to the way the metal may respond to different techniques applied.

My making focuses on earrings (I have a passion for them), bracelets and I am gradually building my necklace designs.

I also make cufflinks for more formal dress occasions. I’m happy to talk through bespoke designs with customers.

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Festive colourful drop earringsHigh polish silver studs with off-set joinReticulated Silver Earrings

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Silver moon with blue moonsSilver moon necklaceSilver moon nacklace

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